Is there a cost to Magick?


Magick (spelled as such in a paranormal sense) to people of witchcraft and even paganism, is the quintessential natural force that witches rely upon. It is used in many different forms and with different purposes. To people like Galloway and I, it’s a part of life itself and to speak of it is normal for us. But to others, and by others I mean the Masses (muggles, normal civilians) it is a bizarre topic that never crosses their minds unless they are watching Harry Potter.

Most normal people out there are too busy with their lives to even consider that magick could be a part of their life. A lot of people find it is in their life but they do not call it magick, perhaps it doesn’t even have a name. They may even call it The Secret, which is not a new concept. I think it is becoming a common thing for open-minded people out there to be aware of magick, though.

But how does one conjure up magick, how does one work it? How do you know what it even feels like? I always feel it within energy, whether I’m drawing down the moon, or dancing in a circle chanting, or even watching an inspirational film. My empathy raises magick, which are really my emotions – like I mentioned in my other post entry about emotionally summoning what I believed to be the Goddess at dawn one morning, during a passionate, desperate moment, did I feel an astounding surge of magick. In ritual, I’ve danced around a fire with friends, raising energy for a healing, and found my hands and fingertips warm and buzzing like electricity. I had to lay them on the shoulders of the recipient and visualise the energy going in. Sometimes it is more powerful than other times. For Witches, we know it’s all about intent – what are you aiming for and where will you put it once you’ve got it??


As I said before, during an emotional moment, I have conveyed fraught emotions directed at the Universe. And it responded, but not in a bad way – it was a message and a view, or rather, feeling of the future. Other times, I have heard of instances where reaching out to the universe during a surge of emotion has worked out badly, which I will cover in a minute. I have also heard of magical spells being cast when the witch merely thought about what ingredients they needed to cast the spell, thus the spell already felt ‘done’.

I’ve heard many a story about magick being used to retrieve stolen items – successfully. Asking witches to do this for you can be tricky, especially when the spell works. Be prepared for that, ok! In one instance, a person asking witches to do the recovery spell ended up being freaked out by the spell working, and being freaked out by even the witches themselves, as the stolen items were returned…

Why anyone should be surprised that a spell works gets me.

And then there is the spell/working/emotional outburst to the universe that has ended in disastrous results. One of the most important stories I can think of for an example of the cost of magick, was the suicide of someone. Someone I know once had an ex-partner that she did not associate with. One day, she saw this particularly horrible ex at the shops, and, feeling uncomfortable about him, she returned home, threw up her hands and implored to the universe – ‘why is he not dead yet’ – she even recalls the surge in emotion and energy and felt that something had ‘happened’ as a result of that entreaty. Within 24 hours, the ex was dead by suicide.

Of course, the person making such a request to the universe was more in shock that everything happened so quickly, but more that it was in such a coincidental situation. She even expressed to be proud of it, in a certain way. I do not recall her saying it, but it probably was her intention to do harm, without thinking it would work. Before all you readers begin to feel that the deceased was a complete innocent victim of intent magick – read this next bit – the magical worker in question attended the funeral days later, and met there person upon person who had been harmed, abused, and raped (including incestuous sibling rape) by this deceased individual to the point that the suicide was almost a blessing to those involved. Clearly the man had issues and perhaps had a moment where he could not deal with his life anymore. Could the universe assist in such wishes? I’m sure all of us have wanted people dead for a brief moment – not really thinking what that might mean, or that it could actually happen. I’m sure the person I knew did not think it would happen. Perhaps the magickal outburst of energy kick-started the Universe/Karma response toward the deceased.

Please don’t try this at home…

Perhaps it was coincidental. But it makes me wonder about the power of magick, also the power of the magician/witch/sorcerer that indulges in such magical workings. I think here, you almost need to realise how powerful your wishes could be. You may be able to work amazing magick, although your intent is the most important thing! It’s been said before – be careful what you wish for. Magick in ritual can be extremely intense, and you’ll need to know where you are directing that magick when you raise it. I was careful during a dark ritual once, where I had to break a oathbound committed relationship after a terrible break up, to NOT mention vengeful words upon the ex, but rather to think of myself, who had to heal from betrayal. I know the Gods heard me. It was a carefully constructed ritual and internal speech where no ill intent was put upon the guilty party. It all worked out for the best.

As we have seen in this post, magick, energy, the universe – whatever you call it, can come to you in the most bizarre situations and occurrences, so be aware!  And remember the Rule of Three. I have not knowingly dealt with such a rebound in the negative sense, but it can’t hurt to practise good intentions for good karma. In fact, I think I have dealt with it in the positive sense!

That’s what happens when you practise random acts of kindness upon, not just people, the earth and yourself, but the Universe as well.



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