Doreen Valiente Blue Plaque Unveiling

Doreen Valiente, a woman considered to be the Mother of Modern Witchcraft, and who died in 1999, has been acknowledged with a blue plaque upon the block of flats where she lived in Brighton. This is the first blue plaque dedicated to a member of the Wiccan community, and also the first plaque to grace a block of flats.

plaque unveiling

photo courtesy of

People, witches and pagans from far and wide arrived in Brighton for the midsummer unveiling of the plaque, and to celebrate afterwards. The Pentacle Drummers were there creating atmosphere and something to dance to, as well as John Belham-Payne, Rufus Harrington and the Mayor of Brighton to give speeches and unveil the plaque. Look like it was an enjoyable day!


photo courtesy of Philip Carr-Gomm

Doreen Valiente Foundation –


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