This page will be updated from time to time.

Australian Pagan Pages

Magic of the Ordinary
National Pagan Directory
Pagan Awareness Network, Inc
PAGANdash – Stand up and be counted
The Pagan Veil

International Pagan Pages

The Mercian Gathering (UK)
The Wild Hunt (US)

The Witch of Forest Grove


My Craft and Sullen Art – Australian Traditional Witchcraft


Asatru Alliance
Asatru TV
The Viking Answer Lady
Heathens against Hate

Temple of our Heathen Gods

Australian Pagan Events

Australian Wiccan Conference
The Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival
The English Ale
Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering
PAN Full Moon Rituals

Elders and Betters

This section is intended to provide information only.

Alex Sanders
Diana Paxson
Doreen Valiente
Gerald Gardner
Janet Farrar
Maxine Sanders
Raymond Buckland
Ronald Hutton
Selena Fox
Stewart Farrar

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