Shove: the internet’s response to a Big Name Pagan

Image supplied by Australia’s Bestest and Supreme Celebrity Psychic Lady McTizabeth Pose.

“As soon as the page was created, we received dozens and dozens of emails from former clients. They offered words of support and encouragement, and sent us evidence and accounts of her dodgy practices throughout the years.”

This came from the anonymous creators of a parody page on Facebook, currently titled Australia’s Bestest and Supreme Celebrity Psychic Lady McTizabeth Pose, when I interviewed them in December.*

This may sound baffling and incomprehensible to Australian Pagans who haven’t already stumbled across this page, or to our Pagan friends overseas. Allow me to fill you in:

In December 2013, the page was created as a satirical look at Melbourne-based BNP Lizzy Rose (aka Elizabeth Collins, aka Lady Elizabeth Rose) who calls herself Australia’s Celebrity Psychic. Lizzy is for the most part unknown outside Australia. Her questionable practices were first drawn to the attention of international pagans in 2010, when she and infamous cop-dragging “witch” Eilish D’Avalon were quite accurately described in this piece from The Wild Hunt as undoing much of the good work that had been done in the Australian Pagan Community.

The McTizabeth Pose (or Tizzy Pose for short) page was created after Lizzy wrote a particularly nasty public tirade against Stacey Demarco, a Sydney-based BNP. Reading through the post, one can’t help but think that perhaps Lizzy had her nose out of joint at not being picked to be one of the faces of witchcraft on The Project‘s story on witchcraft in Australia.

Images supplied by Australia’s Bestest and Supreme Celebrity Psychic Lady McTizabeth Pose.

I have already made my feelings known about those who profit from the craft, and particularly those who prey on the vulnerable. It will come as little surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I found the parody Tizzy Pose, a self-proclaimed “Pogan Psychic”, hilarious. As do many others: the page was an instant hit, and is still growing in likes. Poor old Tizzy has kept Australian Pagans (and maybe Pogans, too!) entertained with fanciful stories of her experiences in the Pogan community, and insights into the life of Australia’s Bestest Celebrity Psychic.

Images supplied by Australia’s Bestest and Supreme Celebrity Psychic Lady McTizabeth Pose.

But surely this is a bit much of a length to go to, all because a BNP publicly slammed another for nothing more than being on the telly?
“It was a bit like the final straw,” the creator/s said. “Lizzy has caused trouble and ripped off too many people over the years. Some of her more famous actions have hugely divided and deteriorated the Victorian Pagan community. She has pushed and pushed away at it all for too long now. Now it’s come to shove.”

These “famous actions”, according to the page’s creator/s, include performing a “cleansing” ritual on the Burnley Tunnel after the tragic crash and fire that took place there in 2007, multiple threats of legal action and a now infamous court case, selling her own brand of Wicca (of which she is a 17th degree) to children as young as thirteen, hassling grieving families and charging top dollar for every remotely “magic” service that she has to offer. The Stacey Demarco sledge, it seems, was just the cherry on top of a fairly questionable torte.

Lizzy’s “tribute” to Heath Ledger, posted shortly after his death. Found here.

And so it would appear that just as annoyed commuters or consumers of Australia Day merchandise can take to social media when they are unhappy with a product or service, so too can dissatisfied “customers” of those who insist on selling the craft. Reading through some of the accounts of dodgy undertakings posted by others on the Lady McTizabeth Pose wall and elsewhere, the lesson appears to be this: when you reduce spirituality to nothing more than a product for mass consumption, you’d better be prepared for the inevitable customer feedback.

Naturally, the page has come under attack from Lizzy’s supporters, and apparently the threats came thick and fast for a while:

Images supplied by Australia’s Bestest and Supreme Celebrity Psychic Lady McTizabeth Pose.

And after these threats dried up, Lizzy herself got involved, first sending nasty messages to anyone who “liked” the page, threatening them with legal action unless they “unliked” it. Then more legal threats were sent to many, many Pagans (including the owner of this blog – oh dear), accusing each one of being the creator of the Tizzy Pose page and demanding they delete it immediately. Given the sheer scope and volume of these threats, it seems Lizzy was trying to cast her net wide to snag anyone she suspected of being the culprit: not a bad idea, but one that cost her even more followers and never actually reached the creator/s of the page until it was passed on to them by amused onlookers.

Up until this point, it could be argued that the events taking place were standard fare in any online flame-war. But what happened next was unanticipated and unprecedented.

A number of letters were circulated on social media and via email. These, it seemed, were emails that had been leaked by someone close to Lizzy. The most prominent of these was a very long and detailed apology letter, in which Lizzy offered a heartfelt apology for a number of very specific wrongdoings. The apology letter named names, and more importantly claimed that Lizzy was suffering from mental illness and would be halting all her “services” while she concentrated on healing and on beginning to make amends with some of those she had wronged.

“That letter really knocked us for six,” the creator/s said. “We were actually ready to pull the page the day we read that, but luckily we decided to sit on it for twenty-four hours and check that she (Lizzy) would make good on what she said.” But in less than twenty-four hours, Lizzy had denied the emails had come from her in a lengthy Facebook post, claiming that her email account had been hacked and accusing the creator/s of Tizzy Pose.

“Naturally, we got the blame. But if those letters weren’t written by Lizzy herself, then they had us fooled, too.” The creator/s admitted. “It was a real pity… We really hoped it was true, that she was taking a step in the right direction morally. Apparently heaps of people got on board and offered her their support before it was labelled a fake, and then were really disappointed. Surely it would’ve been a better career move to own up to it!”

But the writing style and the specific facts in the apology letter have caused some speculation throughout the community. Why, some ask, would someone seek to damage a person’s reputation by writing a heartfelt and sincere apology letter? The jury is still out on this one, and meanwhile the online Pagan community warms some popcorn and watches with interest…

* I “interviewed” the creator/s of the Tizzy Pose page via private messages on Facebook. During this interview they remained anonymous – we still don’t know who they are!

Author’s note: before publishing this piece, I contacted Lizzy Rose and offered her a chance to comment on these recent events. I will post her lengthy response in the comments section. – Galloway.


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9 responses to “Shove: the internet’s response to a Big Name Pagan

  1. This is what happened when I contacted Lizzy about recent events:

    “Hello Lizzy,

    We are writing a blog piece about the notion of “customer feedback” when it comes to pagans who sell their services. We will be using the case of the recent “Tizzy Pose” Facebook as an example.

    I just thought that I would offer you this chance to comment on the recent creation of the Tizzy Pose Facebook page for the piece before I publish it? As I have spoken with the creators of this page, it is probably only fair that I give you a chance to reply, too.


    Hello Galloway,

    As you have spoken with the creators of this page in question, I have passed your details on to my local Police.
    Perhaps you can speak with them as the creators will now be charged with Defamation Slander and inciting hate against myself my family and my Business.

    What would be your contact number so I can pass it on to the authorities please ?

    Thankyou but I’m not interested in engaging in answering to a slanderous Blog page involving myself and customer feedback, particularly as I notice that you yourself happen to like posts and comments made that are negative in my name.

    I do not believe that I have ever met nor ever spoken to you until receiving your email, perhaps you’d be happy to meet up ?

    Sincerely Elizabeth Rose

    Australias Celebrity Psychic
    Lizzy Rose”


    Of the Australia’s Real Celebrity Psychic Lady Mctizabeth Pose and McTizabeth Pose (Tizzy Pose) Facebook pages;

    I write to advise you that you are, as you are well aware, impersonating myself, Elizabeth Rose (Lizzy Rose) also known as Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose, who resides in Keilor East Victoria Australia, by creating, running and contributing to the above mentioned pages.

    After reporting the pages to Police and to Facebook, I have been advised by Facebook that the McTizabeth Pose (Tizzy Pose) page was investigated for impersonation of myself and as a result was deleted by Facebook moderators.

    This current page ‘Australia’s Real Celebrity Psychic Lady Mctizabeth Pose’ created at the same time, is a copy of the McTizabeth Pose (Tizzy Pose) page and the creator continues to post slanderous, threatening and defaming posts, comments and cartoon caricatures in my image and my name, that is directly effecting my mental health and my Business, along with endangering my children’s security and safety.

    I hereby state and declare that I have advised the Victorian Police on many an occasion of the constant stalking and slander and that I’m in current contact with members of the Police force in regards to this investigation who are encouraging me to press charges against the culprits.

    I’m also in contact with Facebook and my Business I.T personal, who hold the ID addresses of every single member of the above named facebook impersonation group and all of the entire group’s posts and comments made since the group’s inception on December 5th 2013 along with the creators IP addresses.

    I ask you the creators, once here publically and formally, that you herby REMOVE and delete Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Tizzy Pose Facebook page of defamation that incites hatred in my name.

    I add that if myself, my children, my property, my possession’s or any of my person, be assaulted attacked and placed in ANY further danger from this moment forward, that I will find the creators of this page fully responsible. Therefore I will proceed to engage in my legal rights to protect myself and my family.

    Finally I ask that you not only cease and desist making any further negative threatening slanderous stalking or otherwise inappropriate, dangerous and plainly criminal behaviour against me, that you also do not engage another person to do so, on this or any other social media forum or outlet.

    I hereby declare that the below Four (4) facebook pages are relative to my Business and created in my name. They are mocked and slandered repeatedly on this Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Tizzy Pose page.

    The above page has been copied and recreated to impersonate these below pages;

    I’m requesting its removal, it’s clearly named after my Business page detailed above.


    The above page was copied and titled McTizabeth Pose (Tizzy Pose)

    solely to copy and impersonate my personal page detailed above.


    The above page is referred to in various comments as Mumpty Moon Circles copying my created Mumma Moon Circles and the page that I detail above.


    The above page is referred to in various comments as the FOWLL coven/group directly copying and again defaming my Business page, school and students.


    I Elizabeth Rose, publically and privately known as Australia’s Celebrity Psychic Lizzy Rose offer contact from any relevant and legal authority at or by attending my website at

    Thankyou Sincerely in regards to your immediate attention to this matter at hand.

    Elizabeth Rose (Lizzy Rose)

    Australias Celebrity Psychic
    Lizzy Rose”

    “Hello Lizzy,

    It seems I know about as much as you do about Tizzy Pose… I spoke to him/her in a private message during which he/she never revealed their identity.

    The blog I moderate with my friends is a commentary on the current pagan community, and currently it would seem many people have taken to the internet to complain about you and your products. The piece we are writing will be reporting on these complaints. In the spirit of fairness, I offered you a chance to comment on these, but I can see now I wasted my time.

    If you are serious about legal action because I “liked” a page on Facebook, please forward to me the name and address of your solicitor, and those of the constabulary you spoke to at the police station.

    No, we haven’t met. I do not live in Melbourne. I have been involved in the Australian pagan community since the mid seventies. I am definitely not interested in meeting up.

    Please do not contact me again unless it is some sort of explanation for the long-winded and mostly incoherent legal threat you sent me last night.


    Attention Galloway,

    If they, ie he/she, the alleged ‘Tizzy Pose’ never revealed their identity to you, then why would you feel the need to write a blog about them and its relevance to me? If the Tizzy Pose page has nothing to do with me.

    Considering in the recent past ie September 2013 you actually have written a Blog naming and then Defaming, Slandering and smearing a hate campaign in my name previously, for which I asked you to remove from the internet and for which under the name of Mitzy Gaynor you DID remove (the link I provide here for your memory)

    I would seriously have to consider any involvement with you to be of a negative one. Please note for Legal reasons, I kept copies of the blog and all the correspondence in regards to its removal.

    You do not ONLY like the page

    but you also chose to post, comment, create and display Bitstrips in my name with constant defamation/slander about me and my Business.

    As you say yourself, you have not ever met me, and don’t even reside in Melbourne Victoria, then why would you be so blatant to defame me so regularly when you know nothing of me, nor have you ever received my services or products.

    It is I Elizabeth Rose, that again request YOU to cease and desist from such abuse, criminal behaviour and activity. Remember I’m not the one defaming, YOU are, along with all of the members of the Facebook group in question, all of you who post or comment are ALL equally guilty of the same crimes.

    Liking a page and contributing to that page, is very different in the eyes of the Law.

    I will add, its one thing to disagree with someone and to have a different opinion of their Spiritual or magickal practise or beliefs, its quite another to lie, stalk, defame, threaten, abuse, intimidate and coerce, not to mention slander to the point of Physical, Emotional and Financial damage and abuse to ones business and or reputation.

    If YOU in anyway shape or form, name me in ANY of your blogs in a manner as I’ve stated above or write in reflection of me using the Tizzy Pose or McTizabeth Pose reflection and imitation of me in name and in gest, I will immediately proceed to place a formal compliant with the Police against you and if necessary have you charged.

    Elizabeth Rose ( Lizzy Rose)”

  2. OMG, I think I may have just pulled a muscle laughing. She really is her own worst enemy. Brilliant article, I loved it 🙂

  3. Kerry

    Oh my giddy aunt…. you can almost picture Lizzy jumping up and down having a tantrum…. I was warned by friends not to have much to do with her, glad I listened. She obviously doesn’t have a sense of humor.
    Thanks for the great belly laugh

  4. James Trench

    So she didn’t tell you the case number of the report she lodged to the police? The officers she spoke with? Or her solicitors details?

    IP address’s can’t be tracked through Facebook by the way. The only way she could get that information is if you have engaged in direct communication with her, email and that sort of thing. Even then however the email IP address will show your External IP, this is an obfuscated IP address that can’t be tracked to your personal computer unless she has someone who can hack your ISP’s database (which is illegal). So if we are to assume she really does have your IP address, this means she has paid her IT staff to perform illegal activities for her…

    I have never read a message from a person so full of shit, she is a total and utter liar. Here I was thinking the Golden Dawn’s David Griffin was bad.

  5. That is hilarius, she is so OMGs delusional it almost makes you want to feel sorry for her…..

  6. I have had a great deal of experience dealing with Lizzy Rose, and I’m certainly not going to defend her actions. Gloating over what amounts to a bullying campaign, however, does nothing to address the problems typified by so-called ‘BNPs’ who may commit criminal offences and bring the pagan community into disrepute. In fact, it indicates that the pagan community is all too happy to engage in harassment as long as they can be entertained.

    No one would want to be the target of such a sustained campaign – and before anyone says Lizzy Rose ‘deserves it’, stop and think about where that stops. Who decides who ‘deserves’ to be bullied and held up for public ridicule?

    If people have legitimate grievances against her, then let those be aired. Schoolyard behaviour only cheapens everyone, and does nothing to help those who need support in resolving those grievances.

  7. Mitzy Gaynor

    BNP just means big name pagan. Lizzy desperately wants to be a big wheel so the name applies. Anyone who puts themselves up as a public figure then can’t take reasonable criticism needs to get out of the being famous game. Lizzy puts herself up for public ridicule time and time again. And no matter how many times grievances are aired against her, nothing happens. Frankly, this blog post and even Tizzy Pose are far milder critique than the responsibility dodging, talentless, bully (oh you had better believe she has bullied others. For years) deserves. And if you’re reading, Lizzy, I am not Galloway or Tizzy Pose. And you don’t have my IP address. And if you did you would not know what to do with it.

  8. darachamelangell

    I think that Lizzy should expect feedback – I don’t think its a great idea that she has so many enemies and still wants to be some sort of celebrity – that won’t go down well, and from what we’ve seen, it hasn’t..

    However I doubt anyone can change the woman. In the end, I think the only thing she’ll do is move to another state or city and start again.. :/

  9. I love the way that people who know nothing about law, threaten people with the police. In this case it is clearly not a criminal matter. Having been threatened by a BNP with the police over exposing them in a local paper I actually rang up the police and asked them if a person had made a complaint. It turned out that not only had they NOT made a complaint… if they had they would have been told it was a matter of civil law and not criminal. Given that a civil defamation case would bankrupt most people before it gets to court, this is unlikely to happen. It seems to be a standard numpty technique to threaten with calls to the police (or sometimes they say I have notified my solicitor) it is very important that people do not panic and call their bluff. Even a note from a solicitor is not a court ruling — in my journalistic career I have had a dozen of these. They rarely go further.

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