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The dreaded HPS disease


The main reason for writing this blog post, was to post up this age-old poem that I got ages ago, a poem that has been on my mind lately. I’m not sure where my copy is, and I am not sure the verses are the same as this one that I just found on the internet…. They probably are.

HPS disease

I am the leader of this group
And before Me all you others stoop.
Bend thou, adore Me on your knees
For I have HPS disease!

Slowly, silently, now the moon
Lights My face with its silver shoon.
Call Me “Lady”, if you please,
For I have HPS disease!

For all you followers of the Law
Versed in ancient Celtic lore,
Tremble before My higher degrees,
For I have HPS disease!

Lions of Enoch, goats of Pan,
Your magic has but little span;
Know that I am greater than these,
For I have HPS Disease!

I am wonderful, I am good,
I am everything a Goddess should.
Kiss my lips, chest, groin and knees
For I have HPS disease.

You with mumps, diphtheria,
HIV, hysteria,
The earth will tremble when I sneeze,
For I have HPS Disease!

By Vivienne West

This poem completely rings true. Quite a few of us pagans and witches out there have met High Priestesses like this. It’s nothing I’ve suffered from, thankfully, however I’ve seen people in the past, and even some today that suffer from this disease, and to all appearances, are quite happy to suffer. Unfortunately, these disease-ridden people don’t only behave like a ‘lady’ around their own minions, but they expect everyone else to treat them the same way. At public gatherings, or private paid events, they will keep to themselves, their little coven huddled around them and following them around like little yellow chicks, chirping for attention. Nor do they enter into rituals, workshops, or lectures that people hold at said event. As I said, they keep to themselves, but attend these events to either a) Try to keep a public attendance up with other pagans, mainly to show off, or b) to recruit the gullible at said events into their magical coven of several dozen.

I have heard of and even seen the HPS have their own rituals at a public gathering too. Not attending the main ritual of the organisers, thus disrespecting the event and its organisers, the group often get ignored and thrown snarls of disgust by the other attendees, but as their members often reveal that they think themselves above all other attendees, it usually falls on deaf ears.


Some of these particular types of HPS’s are quite young, some not much older than their minions, however, ‘as they MUST know more than me, I must obey’ their followers positively adore them. As mentioned in this spot-on blog post, many have the title of ‘Lady’ in front of their elaborate names. Hence the title of the Melbourne woman, Lady Elizabeth Rose. This is a classic example. These titles are one way of letting all public, pagan or muggle, know that they have this disease. Wise people stay away, for fear of catching it, but more likely because they are just idiots. Often their 3rd degree was given to them by themselves, probably only a few months after their self-initiated 1st. This gives them hierarchy over those they are teaching, who will believe anything they say. These groups often do not last long – any kind of civil war uprising soon gives way to side-taking, and that’s when people should run for cover. It’s the ‘all about ME’ disease.

This disease is not confined to the women, men too are guilty of such things. As said in the same blog I linked above, it is often more commonly women due to the hierarchy being headed by women out of the HP and HPS. Those with the Hera Complex (alpha-female) will burrow nicely into wicca, witchcraft and paganism, when they see how much reverence is involved.

Girls – Avoid women like this. If you have strong opinions and an independent mind, you might find you argue and fight with this person if you get involved in a group with one. Even if it is not your intention, they will think you are attempting to climb the ladder and be HPS yourself, and will tell everyone else that, thus gather side-takers. Boys can avoid them too. Be modest in your witchy workings, lead without being bossy, educate those who might be too conceited and may get worse. And I don’t just mean when you are young, but all your life, even when you are old and wise…

Back to the poem, which started this rant. It’s easy to get an image in your head of the HPS described by Vivienne West when she wrote this. Personally, I think many, many more verses could be added….

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